Disappointing Organizing Outcome

This morning as I sat in a meeting advising a high-end creative, she used a quote I knew I had to blog about:

You think it’s expensive to hire a professional? Try hiring an amateur!

How often have I had to learn this lesson? I knew to spend my money on a topnotch publicist for my memoir. I’ve paid big bucks getting my home organized. I’m happy to offer a premium for my own business coach, legal advice and financial investors.

But I still take shortcuts. Whenever I do, I am quickly reminded to hire the pro next time whenever I pick up the disappointing result of my discounted thinking. Contrast that with my utter joy each time I open my kitchen cabinet where my spices are alphabetically arranged on graduated shelving.

I went for a low bid on an organizing project to help me get my publishing information in order. There is SO much of it: contracts, info on tip sheets, cover memos, blurbers, distribution channels, etc. Although I couldn’t describe exactly what I hoped for an outcome, my diligent young employee tried her hardest to please me.

The outcome was okay. But there’s a price tag for okay. Every time I handle this project I feel a tinge of disappointment. It’s not quite right. And by the way, it wasn’t cheap. I thought I’d save money because of the lower per hour rate of this short term hire. However, I’m certain it took five times as long as it would have taken a pro. And, I’d surely would have had something that gave me pleasure each time I handled it.

Who out there will remind me to take my own advice, please?!


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