From the get-go, I knew I was meeting someone who was totally herself. I don’t have the opportunity to come into contact with many millennials, but Romina was seated beside me last night at the TDF Gala and we talked non-stop until the entertainment began.

I was curious how she happened to be invited to this event–her connection to the theatre world– since my highly coveted invitation came from my good friend, one of the Gala’s co-chairs, Holly Cohen.

“I’m an ‘influencer'” she told me indicating air quotes about her role. I’m not sure I’d ever met another and was curious about what it entailed. As I understand it, Romina is hired to let her world of followers know what she’s doing. That brings attention to those who engage her services.

From her handbag, my dinner partner extracted a host of gadgets including a circular device that brightly lit whatever her camera pointed at. Once the show began, Romina was typing on her phone, taking photos and deeply involved in posting her content. As you can see from her card, her credentials are her social media stripes.

Everything about her made me want to know more. She’s clearly achieving her goal of attracting followers. I immediately signed up to join her 30,000+ on Instagram.

I look forward to seeing the video documentary she’s creating about her father, an artist, and whatever else she’s up to. It was invigorating and enlightening to meet this young woman.

I don’t need to email her that I wrote this about her. That would be an antiquated way of communicating to this well-connected woman. I bet I get a like or a comment within hours of this going live, because that’s her superpower. So glad to have met RedRomina!


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