The book is out, readings are beginning, and I’m in a heightened state of joy, but also craziness.

For the past few days I’ve been truly whacko. I made a black bean soup that called for canned chipotle peppers in a hot sauce which I dutifully added to the recipe. Only to read a tad further that, if you wanted the soup more spicy, add the sauce 1 TEASPOON at a time. That evening I was walking down Broadway with my thermos full of hot water and lemon (my go-to beverage) when I felt a lovely warm sensation on my back. And then down my left pant leg. I hadn’t pressed the inner button of my thermos to secure the seal. This morning as I was halfway to the shoe repair store 10 blocks from me, I noticed how light I was feeling…because I’d left the shopping bag with my worn-down heels at home.

With all the preparation there is to launching a book, something has to give. Fortunately, they are minor inconveniences.

But on to the great stuff.

At Shakespeare & Co last night

I did my first reading at Shakespeare & Co on the Upper West Side. We filled the place, and I was completely gratified seeing so many good friends in the seats. I read 4 brief passages, then did Q&A for a bit. I’d signed several books before the evening started and even more afterwards. One new friend, whose pen I had admired, gifted me with one just like it for future signings.

Nancy Sheed, another good friend and supporter from CT, treated me to a Prosecco after everyone had left and helped me not only debrief, but also infuse me with new ways to promote my memoir.

Tonight I will celebrate with my entire team of supporters–those men and women who have carried me through the last five years to bring this into the world. I leave early Monday to start a round of speaking engagements. The journey continues…


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