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May 8, 2019

Jeffrey Shaw – Creative Warrior Interview/Podcast

Jeffrey Shaw – Creative Warrior Founder

Oh, how I love social media! It allowed Jeffrey Shaw and me to reconnect after many, many years. He’d seen mention of my upcoming memoir Too Much of Not Enough on LinkedIn and promptly messaged me about sitting for an interview.

Jeffrey has created an enormous tribe/following for his Creative Warriors community and podcast. I just listened to our conversation after having been interviewed a few weeks before my book launched. It is one of the most insightful, deep and wise dialogues I’ve had.

We cover questions like:
What abundance means to me.
How do you know you’re at a turning point?
How do you select your teachers and guides?
What’s the hope for entrepreneurs?

Way back when, Jeffrey and I were both entrepreneurs in Connecticut. We’ve each re-invented ourselves and our futures in mutually admirable ways. I urge you to listen to this podcast for inspiration, motivation and just plain hope.




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