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May 22, 2019

Wednesday Women to Watch for: Maria Scrivan

Maria Scrivan – Self-Portrait

Maria Scrivan called me giddy with laughter six months ago when the title of my memoir, Too Much of Not Enough, was announced. “You won’t believe this!” she said, although I always have my ear to the ground for the Universe’s creative miracles of coincidence. “I have a book coming out about a middle school girl, and it’s called Nat Enough.” Maria’s graphic novel, published by Scholastic, will debut April 2020.

Maria hired me as a coach many years ago when she was considering going from a graphic design business to fully embracing her love of cartooning. To look at this syndicated cartoonist’s website now and see what she has achieved, you would assume that she always knew her medium, which she did (see her forthright interview Q+A) and was born pursuing it.

For years, though, her cartoons were a sideline. Now, she’s a syndicated cartoonist, designs, licenses and sells her greeting cards and other products. Though we worked together only a few months, Maria’s talent and drive quickly brought her to where her heart and soul would thrive.

Looking for a great gift that’ll make you or its recipient feel great and smile broadly? Check out Maria’s products and make at least two people very happy.



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