I’ve been throwing my own variation of a spiritual tantrum lately. Maybe you can understand. I’ve done my share of writing, social media and speaking. Okay, Universe, Your Turn!

After the excitement of my travel, book signings and workshops has subsided, the quiet is deafening and my memoir is not a bestseller yet. What?!

Each time a friend or acquaintance lets me know how much s/he’s enjoyed my story, I humbly ask that they write a review for me on amazon. I’ve amassed 20 so far and am touched over and over again by my friends’ generosity and writing talent.

I know it takes time. But, I’m impatient. I know I’m not alone in that. Watching the Tony Awards show last week I totally fell in love with Andre De Shields acceptance speech for his role in Hadestown. He gave the audience three reminders of what greatness takes:

  1. No one does it alone.
  2. It takes a long time.
  3. When you get to the top of one mountain, you’re now on the bottom of the next.

Message to self: Be patient, get busy with whatever’s next and enjoy the 24 hours in front of me. Yes, please borrow my prescription if you need it too.

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