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Jun 26, 2019

How Much Should You Charge?

Fees are always a topic of discussion with my clients, but curiously, two identical references to Tony Robbins’ hourly rate stopped me short this week.
In a recent mastermind circle, one gentleman was asking what the going rate was for coaches. Another mentioned a sales coach charging $35,000 per month with no cancellations or make-ups allowed. If you commit to his services, that’s what you pay. “He’s not even that great,” came the rejoinder, “but he’s so confident that he gets people to sign up, and because they believe he’s THAT GOOD, they work hard and get results.”

That same person mentioned in his next sentence that Tony Robbins’ charges his clients a million dollars an hour. My jaw dropped, but hey, maybe he does.

This morning, on a 1:1 coaching call, the same subject came up. How much to charge individuals, institutions and corporations for services. While I don’t give clients exact numbers, I do make suggestions that reflect their markets and skill level as well as test their comfort level with high fees. If you choke on stating $2500 per month as your price, there’s no point in even trying that out with your customers. The first sale is always to yourself.

I aslo mentioned to this client what I’d heard just the day before about Tony Robbins’ remarkable fees. The response:

“Oh! He must’ve been on the same group coaching call that I was on recently. I heard exactly the same thing.”

And that’s how rumors, urban myths and mis-information spread and become part of our culture. Who knows what Tony Robbins really charges (if you do, please whisper it to me…)? Bottom line is always: What works for you? What will your market accept? What results have you been getting with your clients, and how comfortable are you stating that number?

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  1. Lisa

    Love this: “The first sale is always to yourself.”
    What a great reminder!

    • Jane Pollak

      @Lisa Thank you! I always have to remember this and suspect my clients do as well.


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