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Jul 30, 2019

What Do You REALLY Want?

It’s an age-old question, and the answer keeps changing if you’re living a dynamic life. Over the next few days, I’ll share stories of three women I’ve worked with, who answered that query, and the transitions they’ve moved through.

One wanted to create a more profitable business. Another was leaving a job, and the third sought more balance in her life.

The key ingredient for each of these women was naming the transition. “I want to move from THIS to THAT” each stated and has.

Here’s one story. (Names and specifics have been altered for anonymity.)

Allison is a 30-something, married and thriving in New York City. In addition to her corporate job, she is an aspiring artist fitting in her passion work on nights and weekends. Her hours were grueling, her satisfaction level low, and her creativity was leaking away because of exhaustion, the commute, and job demands. “I want more balance!” she proclaimed.

My first question to her was easy: Define balance.

For Allison it meant eliminating the commute which stole nearly 20 hours a week from her dreams, finding work that paid more and was more satisfying and starting a family. There. We had her desires named and defined.

Here comes the hard part. Living into those dreams.

It doesn’t look like fantasy here. It means going through job listings, networking, calling everyone in your LinkedIn community and letting them know you’re looking for a change. This is done with discretion and intention. It’s not easy, and it’s not immediately rewarding.

I once heard that the four most important words in investing are: IN THE LONG RUN. I’d borrow that for life changes as well. They don’t happen overnight, but those ultimate changes are the rewards for staying the course of your vision.

For months Allison attended to these details, made calls, went on meetings and followed up. This is hard to do on your own.  A coach, an action partner and/or a group are essential for progress.

Without going into further revelations about Allison’s journey, I will share that she now works from home for a company where she is respected and appreciated. Her salary more than doubled working fewer hours and with no commute. Her artistic goals are also getting checked off now that she has the energy and inspiration to attend to them. Her dream of becoming a mother is also in progress. Her dedication to her own self-care and commitment to nurturing her body and spirit, plus a European holiday with her husband, resulted in the announcement of a baby due in 2020.

What transition are you in? What do YOU really want now? I’d love to help you write your next chapter.

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