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Aug 1, 2019

Another Transition: Job to School

I surely needed support through the end of my marriage, my move to New York City (almost 7 years ago!) and my shifting from being a full-time artist to becoming a speaker and a coach. I’ve never done any of this alone. I’ve hired coaches, been part of a mastermind group, had action partners and vision groups. Like they warn you on TV: Don’t try this at home alone!

One long-time client began to witness fluctuating circumstances at a job she initially loved. In her position she used her creative abilities to the max, traveled on behalf of the company, and made wonderful friends. Her high-touch style delighted her colleagues and the consumers her company serves. But a change in ownership signaled differing values and diminishing regard for her contribution. On our weekly calls, she related that the proverbial writing was on the wall. What to do?

My role as coach is to always listen for resonance. You know, that heart-pounding joy you may overlook because it’s so obvious to you. Even using the phone, I can sense when the energy shifts, when my client moves into her zone. I point it out. “What’s going on right now?” I ask. In that moment, the client realizes that the painful premise – the end of a job cycle, friendship or calamity–is not the truth. It’s simply a message that it’s time for a change.

As she talks more about where she feels passion, the fear of leaving the current situation diminishes, and the joy of moving towards a positive future gets traction. With this particular client, she has long held a dream of returning to school to pursue a lifelong passion. During our time together, she went on interviews, informational sessions, applied and was accepted to the graduate program of her dream. She is fortunate to have the savings to take this opportunity now and get the terminal degree in her field of choice. Saying ‘no’ to her soul-sucking job was the courageous step necessary at this juncture.

It is a privilege to walk you through these challenging transitions. Having been through a lifetime of them myself, I am an expert at it and have the bruises, and also the joyful experiences, to show. Staying with the status quo is a recipe for inertia, unhappiness and more rapid aging.

Whatever transition you’re in, there is an alternative. If you’d like help, I’d love to support you.

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  1. Katie Settel

    I loved reading this as it describes my experience working with you perfectly. I find it amazing how you’re always able to see things about myself before I do. If anyone reading this is thinking about a change but can’t figure out how or is unsure, definitely call Jane. She’s a life changer In the most exciting way.

    • Jane Pollak

      @Katie Thank you so much!

  2. Carol Spong

    Hi Jane,
    Is your book about” being tired of not enough”available for purchase or in libraries?

    • Jane Pollak

      @Carol Yes! My book Too Much of Not Enough is available through all major booksellers and can easily be ordered from your library. I’d be very happy if you’d make that request at yours. Thanks!


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