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Aug 15, 2019

Do You Have ENOUGH?

Painting by Bridget Hobson

A friend recently clipped out an article from Spirituality & Health magazine she knew I’d love. It caught her attention because the illustration — a gorgeous painting by Bridget Hobson–reminded her of the cover of my memoir.

Of course, the essence of the article was attractive as well. To quote from the magazine, it says, “Zen monks throughout Japan learn an eating style known as oryoki…[which] connotes a sense of “just enough” or the “right amount.”

The point I take from the article is to create your own personal container to be just enough for your life. They call it reframing your value system.

Every morning I begin my day practicing TM (transcendental meditation) for 25 minutes. Like all other monkey-minded meditators, I find my thoughts racing to what I haven’t accomplished, who’s ahead of me, what payments are due, and all the trivia this scattered brain can use to make me anxious. Successful meditation is catching yourself during those wild and crazy thoughts and bringing your mind back to the here, the now and the inhale or exhale you’re working on at that moment.

When I right-size myself and come back into the present, my self-talk changes to, “I’m sitting upright in my comfortable bed, the temperature is just right, and I am safe and sound living in this amazing city.” Mantra, mantra, mantra and peace. Just right, just enough, oryoki.

The only decorative item I never found after my move to Washington Heights was a banner of four flags that said, “Desire What You Have.” The more I live that way, conscious and content with what is, the more at peace I am.

Just for today, I am there. How about you?




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