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Aug 21, 2019

Let’s Get Serious! Transition from Vagueness to Crystal Clarity

I promised to write about three women in transition in their lives: Client #1 who redefined balance and achieved it, Client #2 who made the decision to quit corporate life and go back to school for the graduate degree she’s always desired, and Client #3 who knew that she needed to create greater clarity around her personal care service business so that her clientele would be more respectful of her talent and time.

This woman, I’ll call her Sally for anonymity, came to me six months ago with an extraordinary gift and a deep sense of frustration. She is extremely good at her calling. But the business aspects of running a company where people come to your home for treatment can be daunting, especially if you’re more a body person than a head person. Head People reading this may not even know what I’m talking about, but we ‘feelers’ often have trouble setting boundaries and maintaining them when we do. Still with me? Takes one to know one.

When I was growing my art business, I was grateful for signage stating my prices so I didn’t have to answer the question, “How much?” I once heard Roger Dawson on tape (that’s how long ago that was!) describing himself and his buddies on the golf course one day. They’d run out of golf balls by the 16th hole and saw an enterprising youngster near the pin with an egg carton full of balls he’d obviously scavenged from the surrounding area.

“How much?” one of them asked the 8 year old. With that, the child flipped open the lid of the carton to reveal his child-like scrawl: GOLF BALLS – $1 each. Even knowing that these were not brand new, nor market price for the sporting equipment they required, they forked over enough to get them through the rest of the game admiring his entrepreneurial skills and chutzpah.

When you clearly and unemotionally display your value–verbally or online, boundaries are set and can be accepted or rejected.

I encouraged my caring client to get crystal clear on not only her prices, but also on her procedures. Is lateness tolerated in a business that requires enormous set-up and clean-up? What about absenteeism? Over a period of several weeks we defined her comfort zone so that she could post it publicly to prospects.

Guess what happened? She transitioned from a supremely talented but unclear (about her own set of rules) practitioner to a well-defined practitioner with incredible skills. Her abilities didn’t change, but her inner game went from petite to jumbo by affirming her value not only to herself, but to the public.

Not only is she overjoyed at how it feels to be clear, her business picked up accordingly with appreciative and respectful clients.

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