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Sep 9, 2019

Are You Going Back to School This September?

Brennan Entering 47th Grade!

When I saw Brennan Cavanaugh’s back-to-school Facebook post recently, it prompted the idea for this entry. He wrote that he’s going into 47th Grade! Brennan is a long-time friend and my recent headshot photographer.

It also gives me an excuse to show off my adorable grandchildren’s images as they matriculated this month.

And to ask the question, what new educational adventure will you be adding to your life this season? Isn’t learning something new the cornerstone of growth and development in any business?

I’m completing an essay writing course at Gotham Writers Workshop (which I’ve loved) and am on the lookout for my next learning curve. I may enroll in a live video group or continue with another writing course–or both. How about you?

Or are you offering a course, which holds true to the adage “we teach what we need to learn”? I’ll be offering Transformative Coaching Circles for those wanting to sort out where they are in their lives and/or careers right now with the aid of a coach (and witnesses) who are also transitioning in their lives (who isn’t?!). As my book tour and speaking opportunities continue to grow, I am looking at ways to expand that aspect of my entrepreneurial journey. Selfishly, when I’m surrounded by other women in action, it rubs off.

There are a few spaces left if you’d like to make a significant change – just one! – in your life this fall. I’d love to watch you as you transform this year.

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