As a Baby Boomer trying to stay abreast of technology in the 21st Century, I occasionally fall short, as Joe Biden (not a Baby Boomer, but old) did during the recent debate. He made a reference to “playing the record player at night” calling attention to his longevity and lack of currency with today’s media.

I made a similar gaffe in a less public arena this week. I was meeting with my visions team and talked about my upcoming participation in the Brooklyn Book Festival on Sunday, September 22. I want to collect names of fair-goers who are interested in hearing more from and about me. “I thought I’d bring a clipboard to collect names and email addresses that day.” We three meet via the video interface and there were startled looks in the wide eyes of my younger teammates.

“Jane,” one said gently, “you know how hard it is to get people to write legibly? How about using a more technologically advanced method?”

I knew I didn’t want to invest in an iPad as my iPhone and laptop fill most gaps during my travels. I gave it to my Virtual Assistant to resolve. Since I listed this as a goal to accomplish before our next Visions meeting, I’m pleased to share (below) with you, Dear Reader, my success in this area. Do stop by Booth #115 to sign up for my blog digitally.

Staying current is an ongoing challenge for all business owners (and humans, too). Once again, it boils down to not going it alone. I’m grateful for all my support people to keep me thriving in this constantly changing environment and encourage you to find a team that keeps your tech skill level out of the headlines.

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