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Oct 16, 2019

Juice is the New Chocolate

Mary, a friend and colleague in my Visions Group, works a pipeline in her sales job for a lighting company. She’s got a long list of vendors as well as interior designers she’s to keep in touch with regularly. During our bi-weekly sessions we brainstorm ways to keep her ‘drip campaign’ interesting and lively for both her and her target audience. The idea is to maintain her spirited and energized approach so that she doesn’t get bored in the process, and that she also becomes memorable.

“I can’t keep bringing them chocolates,” she affirmed specifying the old school go-to leave-behind when making visits to places of work. Instead, she’s been investing in cold press juices and energy bars–“not the ones with the vitamin aftertaste though.” Pricey, but worth it, she reported.

“Juice is the new chocolate,” she told us. With today’s health conscious workplace, she’s wise to change her game to adapt to the values of her prospects.

As she was talking about her job’s requirements, she also mentioned her personal creative work on a Day of the Dead altar in her home; how much she and her 8-year old son love the movie Coco, and how her aunts (who were both nuns) dismantled earlier versions of her handcrafted appreciation of spirits. Mary visibly brightened as she talked passionately about this project.

“Send all the people on your list a Day of the Dead greeting card,” I suggested. “It’ll take you out of the Christmas card stack in December, help them to know you as a person, and undoubtedly delight them in the process. When was the last time you received a Day of the Dead card?” Mary loved the idea! I can’t wait for our next meeting to find out how they were received.

How are you differentiating yourself from the pack? I’d love to hear your creative twists on tapping your pipeline.

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