What if, as your coach, I challenged you to undertake ONLY these tasks over the next two and a half weeks (until 11/20 to be exact):

–Use this time to reflect
–Keep your schedule light
–Allow your intuition to be your guide
–Spend time with old friends

Also, during the next few weeks avoid:

–entering into contracts
–taking on new projects
–buying any new technology or
–hiring anyone

You’d think I was nuts to miss such a productive time in the fall. The weather is crisp and clear, winter storms aren’t on the horizon. It should be a highly productive time.

OR, you might recognize a larger pattern at work in our universe and appreciate that Mercury is in retrograde and thank me for helping you avoid the frustration that goes along with fighting forces beyond your control. That’s exactly where I was on Friday when I met with my advisory board to talk about the next several months. “Savor the retreats you’re leading next week, then use the time after that to plan, Jane,” they said. “Don’t begin anything new until Thanksgiving.”

It’s been a very busy fall with book talks, new client groups and these upcoming back-to-back retreats. After that, the empty spaces on my calendar become magnified, as is typical in an entrepreneur’s life. When you’re selling your time and services, blank squares loom large.

But I know the wisdom of not fighting the current, but riding it instead. I have so much planning to do that I can hardly wait for that open time to begin. I want to dream up a book club offer, design new coaching circles, and schedule a personal writing retreat at a quiet Airbnb with a wood stove or fireplace.

Are you willing to be guided by planetary wisdom? I’ve often fought it–not knowing it was ‘a thing’–and felt the frustration of not getting a program to work, spending too much time on hold when I could have been productive in another capacity or waiting for responses from prospective vendors. I’ve reined in my expectations and will focus on my Quadrant 2 list: things that are important but not urgent. Instead of feeling frustrated, I feel joyful to specify time on my calendar for these items.




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