I can see my male readers* shaking their heads at the title of this post but, Women, this one’s for you! Sandy Weiner’s brand is all about women who value themselves, and that’s the primary component of this interview. What do I think are the characteristics of a woman of value? Good question! I hope you’ll tune in for the conversation.

Sandy and I go back at least 10 years and have served each other in a variety of ways ever since. We met as peers, but eventually hired each other for our talents and areas of expertise. Do you have relationships like that in your life?

Sandy is a generous interviewer (btw, there’s both audio and video available) remembering and reiterating the qualities about me and our friendship and collegial times that stand out for her. I articulated a similar group of qualities I admire about Sandy. Even as someone who does value herself, I often forget my contributions to my clients and society as a whole. This juicy and content-rich conversation covers work, family, relationships and philosophy.

I hope you’ll give it a go and tell me what was memorable.

*Men – take note of what I’m saying and recognize who in your life fits this description. Hopefully, you surround yourselves with women like this.


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