A few weeks ago I received an unexpected package in the mail – who doesn’t love those? – and was delighted to open it to reveal a handsome volume entitled Dare to Inspire.  My friend and colleague, Allison Holzer, is among its authors. There was a neat deck of INSPIRE cards included which I immediately opened and inspected. Dearest Author Friends – this is a brilliant way to reach your market and make them sit up and pay attention. I immediately IG’d the delivery to help promote them and their project.

Not a month later I received a personal invitation from Allison to attend her talk at the 92nd Street Y, a Mecca for authors, which I promptly accepted. Besides wanting to further support her, I was curious to see how three authors would make a presentation. I was…inspired.

This team delivered a seamless, inspiring – of course, it had to be given their title! – evening: imparting information, group participation and beauty. Their slide deck was colorful, elegant and on point.

Allison asked the audience if any of us were inspired by herding cattle. Much to everyone’s surprise, including Allison, a hand shot up. Allison illustrated her passion and inspiration around herding cattle with a slide. Then her co-authors, Jen Grace Baron and Sandra Spataro each shared theirs and tied that inspiration to their own productivity. Their definition of inspiration links possibility with invincibility which creates confidence and the courage to take action. They talked about the contagion of inspiration and mentioned ways to build it into your businesses.

Of course, you’ll have to read the book for further explanation which I recommend.

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