Laurie Klein and I over a zoom dinner

“It’s our job as creatives to put good stuff back into the world,” Laurie Klein, my friend and creative guru, declared during our virtual zoom dinner this evening. Although we hadn’t spoken in a few years, I received an invitation to and attended Laurie’s “virtual creative cocktail hour” last Friday night. Because she got such a crowd – she capped it at 40! – we made a 1:1 date for tonight.

“I’m trying to put out a positive message,” I mentioned to Laurie during our conversation. “Like today, I was talking with other creative friends and said this time feels biblical to me. To which one replied, “Biblical AND Groundhog Day combined,” which became my big laugh for the day. These two friends and I had arranged a virtual sewing bee where we also zoomed in and chatted over our handwork. Well, I was the only one doing any sewing, but that was fine. Everyone I know is putting the emphasis on staying grounded during this quarantine. Laurie reminded me that preserving our energy is balancing out anyone else’s negativity.

A college friend I hadn’t spoken to in 40 years phoned me this morning. We were both set designers for Mount Holyoke College Summer Theatre’s first season and reminisced about those days. As we were catching up, she asked me if I’d rung a bell last night at 7pm. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I replied. “You must not listen to the news,” she said. “Good for you! At 7pm people in New York City all rang bells or shouted out of their windows in support of the job hospital workers are doing for its citizens.”

I’d heard a commotion last night and figured I’d missed a memo, which I had. It took someone from New Haven to bring me up to speed less than 24 hours later. I don’t mind the time lag if it continues to afford me peace of mind. I catch the headlines in the Times and on 880 radio, but then I leave it alone. I was at the window tonight at 7 and joined the throngs cheering. (Click on this link for 20 seconds of exuberant audio.) It gave me goosebumps to be here in New York and to join the chorus. Talking to Laurie tonight reminded me that we have permission to enjoy this time.

Who or what made YOUR day today? These wonderful touchstones are what will get us all through this process one day at a time.


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