I wasn’t used to preparing three meals a day, cleaning my apartment, making household repairs and observing protocols for staying healthy the once a day I exit my home.

Admittedly, I’ve had help along the way until 8 weeks ago. Now, it’s all me all the time. Not complaining, particularly since I’m not alone in this.

But, when it comes to running my business, I have lots of support still: a virtual assistant, an action partner, a mastermind team, a visions group and a coach. When it comes to taking care of it all for my business, that’s where I draw the line. I need outside opinions, accountability, and support.

That’s why, after previously hesitating to market in this stressful time, I’m offering a coaching circle –Transformative Coaching Circle (TCC)–for a small group who are also eager to throw in the towel on self-sufficiency.

If getting started, taking actions, or receiving counsel, encouragement and resources will forward the action, please join me for a powerful and productive experience. In six weeks, you will have transformed your vision into a reality. That’s a promise!

Terry Eldh, a woman from my most recent TCC, successfully offered a product (to a corporate audience) that was a direct result of our work together. “A special thank you to Jane for bringing us all together in class, and for especially encouraging this project.”

If you’ve got an idea you’re ready to test, an obstacle you want help navigating, or a transition that requires multiple actions and rigor, sign up today for one of the few remaining spots.

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