I’m feeling very Helen-Reddy-I-can-do-anything these days. Some YouTube watching, a successful outcome, and ta-dah, increased self-esteem. In today’s pandemic/quarantine, a bit of self-education and achievement can go a long way.

Two trips to the computer had me reveling in accomplishment yesterday. I wanted to make chicken biryani in my Instant Pot, but had used up my reserve of ghee. I knew I could make my own, but how? A short video supplied me with everything I needed to have and to know including the fact that ghee is dairy free–once you strain off the solids after boiling the butter. News to me! Turns out I didn’t have unsalted butter on hand to make a batch, but after another quick computer consult, I substituted a high-heat oil for the ghee, then proceeded with the recipe for a delicious outcome.

I’ve been doing a set of exercises to strengthen my hips including a clamshell repetition with and without a band for resistance. Yesterday my band broke. I tried to locate the company just by the phone number printed on the piece of rubber, but that didn’t yield any results. The actual name of the seller has mostly worn off over time – can you figure it out (5 points if you can) – but one of my secret skills is being able to complete a picture with only some of the information. Granted, this isn’t brain surgery, but I was able to suss out the name – PERFORM BETTER – and order a couple of new bands. (Don’t you hate it when the product costs less than the shipping?)

A long time ago I received great wisdom from a friend: “Always bring a book and a sweater,” she recommended. I’m going to amend that, particularly for these times, “Always teach yourself something new.” The feeling of mastery over the world you’re living in will carry you through, at least for the 24 hours during which you’ve made the discovery.

Please share with me what you’ve taught yourself these days?

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