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My Visions Group is expecting to see an Artist page mock-up for my website next Wednesday. They’re expecting it because I committed to designing one as a goal for our meeting that morning. Right now my site gives information on me as a Coach, Speaker and Author. But, my email signature and business card say: Artist – Author – Entrepreneur. It’s time to fill in that blank, especially since I’m creating art again.

That’s where PowerPoint comes in.

I first used PowerPoint in the late 90’s when I was asked to give a talk in Buenos Aires. I may have heard of the tool back then, but had little to no idea of how to design a talk using this visual aid. I hired someone, based on a referral, and spent half a day at his studio in Stamford putting my slides together. When I don’t have skill in an area, I attribute genius level to anyone who does. After we’d gone through the images and were close to finished, I asked if it would be possible for him to insert a black background for each slide. The way I asked, the technician could tell my level of expertise: zero. It was like inquiring of an author who knows Word, “Can you find every reference to “xyz” in your memoir and thinking she’d have to scroll through every page rather than simply press control f.

When I don’t know what I don’t know, I elevate anyone who does. The tech squinted, scrunched up this nose, as though needing to exert great energy, and said, “Let me see…” before taking about a minute to do just that. I exuded more gratitude than was necessary and left with my presentation.

Fast forward 20+ years, and I’ve established some fluency in the program. Plus, PowerPoint has become so user-friendly that it practically designed my Artist page for me. Rather than tell you what it says, here are the three slides I created yesterday to show to my Visions Group:





Please let me know what you think!

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