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Jun 23, 2020

Want to Be Memorable? Be Specific.

Lynn Shelton, Marc Maron’s late girlfriend, was a beloved film director. Members of her cinematic community paid tribute to her recent death with an hour-plus long video. Watching it was a bittersweet experience since we no longer have her creative energy producing art for us to watch.

Kaitlyn Dever, one of the actresses Lynn worked with on a film called Outside In, shared a story (about 52 minutes in) about what made Lynn Lynn. If I hadn’t already been an admirer, this young woman’s remembrance would have put me over the line.

You can watch the clip, but here’s my takeaway. Lynn wanted to go for a walk with Kaitlyn to discuss the movie and asked to meet her at the Whole Foods in Santa Monica. Then she added, “Meet me at the rutabaga!”

Kaitlyn said the best part of working with Lynn was that she made everyone feel at home and kept them laughing. When you are that thoughtful and considerate, naming the exact location in the produce aisle where you should meet, the receiver of that specificity knows that a lot of love has gone into making that moment possible. Lynn’s movies are filled with those moments.

I’m certain that if she’d said, “Meet me at the tomatoes” I doubt I would have written about it.




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