Several friends have written to me, mostly in alarm, that a new book is about to be released with a title dangerously close to my memoir’s. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, lucky you!

In this post I will not name the other book, nor its author’s–Mary’s–last name. I don’t want any tags using that SEO keyword to link back to my site in any way. I will say that, even though its pub date is a week away, it is already ranked #1 in several categories.

Friends suggested that someone looking for that title might stumble across my book. That all press is good press. That the confusion over the titles’ similarities might boost my sales.

Whatev! I’d rather be who I am, with the sales that I have, than to be in any way connected with that #1 bestselling book.

BTW, if you haven’t read my memoir, Too Much of Not Enough, while checking my ranking today I saw my newest 5 star review on amazon, which I’m honored to share with you here:




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