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Jul 9, 2020

Natalie Hoerner Wants to Share Her Gratitude

During a recent Transformative Coaching Circle I led, Natalie Hoerner briefed the group on her mission to spread the word about gratitude. Her daily practice of appreciativeness has been so life-altering, her goal is to make this habit universal.

She came up with the idea of sharing gratitude by sending expressions of it by mail in the form of a postcard. She’s so committed that she is providing three free postcards to anyone who wishes to take action and support her vision. Simply fill out the form on Natalie’s beautiful website, and she will mail–you read that right!–three postcards to you. Your job is to write expressions of thankfulness to three people and send them off. Natalie is keeping a world-wide map of where her postcards have landed.

I pondered who to send my three to, since I felt it was an important choice. I have many friends and family who deserve acknowledgment. I wanted my three cards to go to those who had gone the extra mile for me, not once or twice, but consistently for years.

I picked one dear friend in NYC who regularly takes my urgent phone calls and texts. I rely on her whenever I’m challenged. Serenely, she talks me off the ledge and out of my hyped-up drama simply by sharing a similar pickle she’s been in. She doesn’t give advice. Rather, she shares her wisdom.

The second postcard went to a couple in Connecticut who have provided that same level of caring and friendship since ’97. Since moving to the city in 2012 I lost the daily contact with them, but my heart remembered how important the two of them have been, and continue to be, to me.

My college professor from 50 years ago (!) received the third postcard. This man changed my life as my theatre director and founder of the Summer Theatre at Mount Holyoke College my senior year. Even now, he plays an active role in my life, reading every blog entry I write (hi, Jim!), responding to Facebook posts, and occasionally reaching out with a project he’s working on – like his book called Acting is Doing, for which I designed the cover. I mailed his postcard to Virginia where he recently moved.

I loved contributing to Natalie’s mission and invite you to do the same.

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  1. Kristian Nammack

    Thank you and what a lovely idea.

    • Jane Pollak

      @Kristian Please take Natalie up on her offer. It’s fun to think about the 3 people you’d like to honor with your gratitude. Thanks for your comment.


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