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Jul 14, 2020

I’ll Be Your Action Partner and Then Some

One of my secret weapons in my ongoing sanity, survival, and success–particularly these last four months– has been the connection with an action partner (aka – goal buddy). I’ve had many over the years, each one fulfilling a critical need during our time together. I’ve changed them up a few times due to scheduling, business adjustments, and/or the desire to keep things fresh.

What is an action partner, you ask? It’s the person who keeps you accountable for everything you say you want to do. You, in turn, provide the same service to him or her. You choose someone you admire who is equally committed to reaching their goals, whose agenda you support, and whose feedback you esteem. Then you state what it is you want to achieve in the given time period – say, write for 3 hours, take a lesson in photoshop, or make a scary call. Another human being on the planet knows what you’re up to and is there before and after you’ve declared your intentions.

Starting in August, I’m offering an arena for action that will provide exactly this kind of support and accountability. With the prevalence of Zoom in our lives, won’t you join me for up to 36 hours of action-taking? We’ll all be on camera in our individual Zoom cubes, busily producing our heart’s desires. Alone, but together. Connect, commit, create, complete! What project have you been putting off? What did you promise yourself you’d complete during this sheltering-in-place time? What would feel satisfying to make headway on?

I’m currently working on my second art commission which will take approximately that long to complete. I’ll be designing, cutting, and stitching onscreen in a virtual study hall. I invite you to sign up for my Ready, Set, Zoom program so you can tackle whatever you’re working on, visibly, and with a team that is eager to be there for you.

I’m referring to it as my Online Creative Study Hall. Everyone participating will keep their computer on while they work. You can type your new screenplay, map out a webinar offer, record a podcast (everyone will be muted during the work periods) while we’re together. There will be 3-hour blocks of time where we start and finish together with check-in points, stretch breaks and high fives for achieving your set goal for that time period. I’ll manage that. All you need to do is show up with your intention and your Zoom room open.

Click here to sign up today. I’d love to be there for you!


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