I used to like to compare myself to Paul Newman. (Have you stopped giggling?)

He came into my life first as an actor. Then a race car driver. Then a salad dressing maker. I didn’t think less of him as an actor when he started Newman’s Own. I thought, “Wow! He’s writing his own ticket.”

His disregard for what others may think gave me permission to pursue seemingly unrelated opportunities as well.

I recently had hesitation about adding art back to my website. What will people think, I fretted. I’m still a coach, author and speaker. Adding art doesn’t take away anything. It’s like improv – Yes! And…

My very first website in 1999 was all about my art. Then came my speaking career, then coaching. I had a talented web designer in the early ’00’s who was able to show both sides of who I was becoming: Jane, the Artist/Jane, the Speaker. A wise consultant assured me that anyone interested in my art would be curious about my speaking. Those who heard me speak would be interested in my art. Why should I compartmentalize and/or build a separate site?

She was right, and this continues to reassure me that we each have many talents. There is no need to hide your gifts for fear that the public may pigeonhole you.

Today there’s Jane, the Coach, the Author, the Speaker and the Artist. I can be all of these things and many more. Do you ever pigeonhole yourself, or others?





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