I had a photo shoot with the remarkable Katie Settel this week. I had author shots taken a year ago, but wanted to update my website, social media and marketing offers with a fresh look. The past collection was no longer speaking to me, plus I’ve added ‘artist’ to my repertoire and wanted images to represent this revived part of my offering.

So I hopped the train, masked, to Connecticut and spent several hours with Katie posing, changing outfits, shooting and then editing the hundreds of images we’d taken.

Katie allows the client to go through them with her, giving a quick ‘no’ or “NO!!” as we speed through the rolls. If something is a 4 or 5 (out of 5), she gives it a star to be reviewed at the end. There were nearly two dozen starred choices, making the final edit challenging. I loved so many!

I won’t do a full reveal now. Just this fun image of a totally 2020 shot with my custom-made mask courtesy of the multi-talented¬†Jen Olbrys.

What I wrote to Katie after getting the final selection is this: Your expression of me through pictures inspires me to get my message out. Her response: That’s my WHY.

Even in this crazy time, there is work going on, lives being lived and forward momentum.

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