Before I begin, simply writing the word ‘judge’ brought a lump to my throat since the recent death of a woman I admired greatly, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It is an enormous loss, and I mourn her passing.

When my fabulous wardrobe stylist, Scarlett DeBease, suggested I wear a ‘penny’ during my photo shoot, I thought she was wrong, dead wrong. One of my poses would be with my artwork. We wanted to duplicate a shot from my 20’s working in my original medium, and Scarlett thought it would add a spark.

Whenever I have a strong reaction like that, time often leads me to discover that it was I who was wrong, dead wrong.

I barely even entertained the notion of attaching a felted design to the outfit she selected. But, the Universe intervened. I was on a zoom call wearing a dress with a floral pattern with a black and white flower located exactly where one would attach a piece of jewelry, no matter what it was made of. Hmmm, I thought. That has possibilities. Maybe this woman whom I’ve trusted for over ten years has a point. (Anyone identifying with my inner skeptic?)

I went about designing and creating a wearable penny and came up with the piece above.

I’m happy to report that my talented photographer, Katie Settel, was able to capture me in a similar posture to the one taken in the 70’s. You can see for yourself what a genius Scarlett is.

Very grateful for this time in my life and for who I get to work with.

Special tip of my hat to my creative and generous son-in-law, Jon Oliver, who very swiftly photoshopped the image for greatest effect.





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