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Sep 22, 2020

When Are You All In?

How often will you do and do, yet remain unaware of how much you’ve accomplished?

I’m fortunate to have another human being listen to me account for my actions twice a week. I prepare for our calls by adding to my ongoing list of Actions before we speak. But it’s her feedback and reflection of what I’ve said that helps me gauge where I am. Now that most of the working world is without the intimacy of the water cooler, how are your daily activities recognized? Being heard and acknowledged grounds me in my day and contributes to forward momentum.

Today she told me that she loves how I go “all in” when I tackle something. We’re both participating in a 5-day cleanse starting this Friday. If you’ve been reading my posts lately – since July – you know I’m in the middle of a kitchen renovation, which makes this dietary adjustment even more challenging. I still have no sink or stove. But I wanted to do the cleanse for a health re-set, so I thought about how I could approach it given the limitations.

Here’s what I recited to her this morning:

  • Purchased a long extension cord and multi-outlet so I can have electricity in my kitchen for my Instant Pot, blender, teakettle and hot plate.
  • Hired a Task Rabbit to help me set everything up
    • There are still cartons in my living room with my pots and pans
    • Find my knife sharpener and cutting board in the disarray
    • Locate all my candles to create a soothing atmosphere for the duration
  • Bought new towels (3 for $10 on St. Nicholas Avenue) to use for the daily oil massages and then dispose of
  • Ordered all the ingredients for the special meals I’ll be preparing

I also mentioned that I had planned an outing for the Friday after the cleanse. My sister gave a hearty recommendation to see the Bisa Butler exhibit at the Katonah Museum. I went online this morning to order my tickets.

“You even schedule in a reward for yourself after you’ve done this regime,” my action partner observed. “You’re all in!”

Her acknowledgment of what I’d done came as a surprise to me. I rarely stop and assess my actions. Putting words to it helped me.

I get excited and want to pass this onto you. How do you approach new projects? Do you get to share your progress with someone else? Are you all in? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Ran Tryggvadottir

    Wonderful inspiration, the buying of towels for your oil treatment is helpful for an oiltreatment I have bee postponing

    • Jane Pollak

      @Ran So glad this entry spoke to you. Going that extra mile is new to me. Feels good, and your feedback helps. Thank you!


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