Does it ever feel like the world is conspiring against you? That no action you take touches the mountain of work ahead? That you are constantly thwarted?

Oh, yeah: Mercury Retrograde is upon us.

Yesterday was that kind of day for me. Nothing felt right. I’m in the middle of several new projects, and not one appeared to be advancing. For instance, I took a chance on an inexpensive online logo design promise and ended up with heavy-handed samples that looked like they should be for Barnum and Bailey, not the gentle meticulous work I’m up to. I share this one with you to show you how off the samples they sent me were. Rocked me…momentarily.

This morning I was reminded by my action partner of the need for extreme self-care when I’m in a space like this. It’s a tricky time on our precious planet. Life feels magnified. Small variations in routine feel exaggerated, like NOTHING IS RIGHT. I often remember the wisdom of my friend Cynthia who had a mantra, “Not every day is a winner.”

So I did a dry brush body scrub, showered, cleaned up my bedroom, bathroom and studio space, and things began to look less grim.

I need softness right now. A light touch. Quiet affirmations. Some I can give myself, and some I need to request from others. I have a few phone calls lined up for just that. A place to vent, be heard and told “this, too, shall pass.” I know it will, but I forget.



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