Before I could sit down to wish you all a serene and loving holiday season, I had to check things off my list. YOU are the priority, but my nagging mind reminded me that:

  • The butternut squash would go bad if I didn’t peel and cook it–
  • The gifts had to be shipped to the kids and grandkids–
  • Those grains that were soaking aren’t going to cook themselves–
  • What about the artwork that hasn’t been re-hung since the renovation completed?
  • And on and on.

My hunch is that you have similar lists, longer and more demanding, taking up space in your head. But as my inbox and mailbox are filled with holiday wishes from you, I am reminded that others have set and accomplished their priorities in an admirable way. Not to compare and despair, but to take inspiration from you.

While we’re all prefacing our thoughts with an acknowledgment of this extraordinary time, here’s a reminder to stop and watch the snow fall. We’ve come a long way this 2020, and we’re still here.

During this special season of shortened, dark days brightened by glittering lights, I wish you all the comforts of home and hearth, the love of those who surround you – whether IRL or virtually – and an optimism to face 2021 with renewed strength.

Blessings to you, hope for your abundance and fortitude, and lots of love sprinkled in to ease the journey.


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