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Jan 6, 2021

Do You Need to Know That NOW?

Years ago I was invited to address a group of out-placed executives who were considering entrepreneurship. I was the resident expert that day and was joined, in our circle, by a professor of entrepreneurship from a nearby university. One of the attendees asked how soon, when starting your own company, should you hire an attorney, an accountant, etc. I answered truthfully, “I only speak with an attorney when I have a legal issue. I don’t have one on staff. Same with my accountant. It’s on an as-needed basis.”

I was afraid the professor might contradict me or explain that, of course, you needed a complete pool of talent before considering opening a business. But instead he heartily agreed. “You’ll know when you need that kind of help. Have one in your Rolodex, but not on your payroll.”

The wisdom is to stay in the day, be right where you are, and to execute today’s tasks to the best of your ability. When you need to know the next thing to do, it will appear…again. It always does. Or, it may disappear, which means it wasn’t for you at this time. There’s something philosophical about letting go of doing it all NOW. Trust that what you’re accomplishing today is your path. Trying to master Instagram, learn who the key players are in your industry, and complete your next project will have their time in the forefront.

As I coach myself to grow the new part of my company, I’m reminded of that lesson. There’s so much to explore in the home decor realm, people to meet, techniques to learn and events to attend (albeit virtually for now). Like the list of to-do’s I mentioned in my last post, I can feel behind, like I’m running after the caravan.

Just for today, I’ll focus on getting my mailing list together, address envelopes and write notes to the people I want to reach out to. I will feel a sense of accomplishment for what I did do, not a sense of dread about what is not being tended to. I highly recommend this practice for your sanity and long-term stability and success.

What do you need to know or do NOW? What can wait?

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  1. Barbara Hogan

    What a pleasure to start my day with you… your words are calming after consuming too much of the news. What is before me? What is for me to do today? Very clarifying and helpful. And also, once again, your ‘headline’ drew me in… 100%!

    • Jane Pollak

      @Barbara And I wrote this post BEFORE the insanity began. Didn’t intend for it to be that timely. Thanks for your comment.


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