If you’re a Brené Brown fan, it’s likely you do know. If not, how did you feel reading the title of this post? My typical thought pattern would be something like this:

  • Who wants to learn ANOTHER acronym?
  • No, and I don’t really care!
  • Well, if _______ is talking about it, maybe I should pay attention.

What is your inner dialogue when new materials cross your path?

Yes, I’m still on the uphill slog mastering Instagram. I want to make excuses based on age, but no one cares. I’ve taken a few classes, spent time on Lynda.com and YouTube playing how-to’s on posting stories, reels and sharing posts. What I’ve discovered is that there is so much science to this, a great knowledge base to be acquired, and some really gorgeous and inspiring images to be seen. I’ve committed to becoming an influencer – having enough followers that my name begins to show up more regularly with key players and buyers.

“You’ve gotten so much engagement,” Anna Luther, my recent IG coach commented today.

“That’s because I’m finally engaged!” It’s exciting to see the numbers going up – like 606 views and counting on the reel I posted yesterday showing the collection of fabrics I’d selected for my next project.

Another fantastic IG coach I hired – the TrimQueen (you may remember she was a referral from my pillow-making mentor, Donna Cash) – gave a power-packed class that included a follow-up session where she analyzed what I’ve been doing – my brand values, my hashtag selection, etc. She, aka Jana Platina Phipps, recommended that I listen to a talk with Brené Brown about FFT’s, which I did. The FFT refers to f***ing first times and goes on to describe how hard it is to be a beginner. It was exactly what I needed to hear and I offer it to you, should you be tackling something challenging.

All in all, this IG journey has opened a bunch of new doors for me. I’ve had sales on Etsy as I’ve posted my latest pieces. That’s enough reinforcement to keep me working this social medium with increasing knowledge and fervor.

Watch out for an upcoming raffle – my next learning edge!

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