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Feb 9, 2021

Do You Ever Want to Say, “C’mon God!”

I feel like a whiny brat enumerating all that I’m doing on my own behalf to get my artwork out to the right buyer. In my case, that would be an interior designer or specialty home decor store with wealthy clientele.

I’m following the instructions I give my clients. Keep producing your gift whether it’s your art, product development, coaching or home health care. Work your genius and keep your audience informed via social media, your newsletter, a podcast, or whatever suits your marketplace. Be consistent and on point. Your market will find you.

That’s the pattern I’m adhering to. My Instagram numbers are escalating. There’s more engagement with my blog posts and my newsletter than before. My plan to have a meaningful 1:1 conversation with one person per week is zipping along. So, Universe, how come my phone isn’t ringing?

Ahhhh, the age-old question, to which my response to everybody else is, “Don’t quit before the miracle.” My built-in forgetter is doing its job. I don’t seem to hold that sound advice for myself.

Fortunately, I have my cloud of witnesses reminding me of this wisdom when a week goes by without a sale. Today the nudge came in the form of my twice-weekly call with my action partner. She noticed that I was being disturbed by, as she metaphorically referenced, those stubborn flies buzzing around my head–the dreaded upcoming dentist appointment, not getting a swim lane at the time of my choice, a disturbance during a meeting I attended.

“Stay with the art, Jane,” she advised. “Be in the deep water where you lose track of time. That’s where God wants you. That’s where the gold is.”

I can’t deny that. I’m completely engrossed in my current pillow project and will be making a second one to complement it as soon as this one is literally sewn up. The hours fly by. My mind is completely absorbed. Sometimes I listen to an Audible recording (currently Detransition, Baby), but mostly I love watching the movement of the needle and thread, how the completion of each penny is satisfying. It makes it tolerable to wait for the miracle.

BTW, not quitting before the miracle is one of my 7 Evergreen Strategies for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs (aka artists). If you’d like a complimentary copy, I’d be happy to email you one. Just leave a comment below with your email address (or email me separately) and I’ll send you one. 

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  1. Heidi Nehlsen

    I’d love a copy, Jane ?

  2. Dawn

    Jane, I can see your colorful pillows on the pages of Interior Design Magazine, Luxe, Elle Decor etc. Won’t that be fun?! I’m sure you’ve been contacting designers, you are right in the midst of the best. If you need more names,
    here’s a link to the Architectural Digest’s list of the top 100.
    And yes, I’d love a copy of your strategies…I’m following your lead!!


    • Jane Pollak

      @Dawn Once again, your comment lifted me up. Your vision for me is greater than I might have imagined, but I plan to adopt it. I have begun reaching out to designers with positive responses. I see it happening! Thank you for the AD resources. GOLD!

  3. Susan Daniels

    I’d love a copy of your 7 Evergreen Strategies, Jane! This post you just wrote really resonates with me! I also love your “action partner.” Hmmm… I’d love to have a team of support but not sure where to find them!

    • Kelly Kenall

      I’d love a copy Jane!

      • Jane Pollak

        @Kelly Sending via email in a minute. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for asking.

  4. Melinda

    Good words, thanks!

    Would love a copy…

    • Jane Pollak

      @Melinda Thank you for your comment. I’ve emailed you my 7 Evergreen Strategies. Hope you enjoy!


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