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Feb 20, 2021

My Latest Re-connection: Heidi Nehlsen

Heidi Nehlsen

I’ve been over-achieving on my commitment to reach out each week for a 1:1 conversation as a means of networking, marketing and filling time till post-pandemic life resumes. I’m so excited by this self-assignment that I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. We’re 7 weeks into the year, and I’ve had over a dozen meetings already. I love this process!

Through social media, Heidi Nehlsen has come back into my sphere. She regularly sends comments to me through my blog posting, Instagram and Facebook. It’s hard to believe she’s nearly 4000 miles away in Copenhagen. It’s also hard to believe that she made that move 20 years ago.

Heidi and I became colleagues and friends back in our EWN days (Entrepreneurial Woman’s Network), particularly when I hand-picked her to succeed me as the President of the organization. I was taken by her professionalism. impeccability and talent as a floral designer – a path she took after being a Wall Street trader and currency expert.

Heidi at work

We visited occasionally when Heidi returned to the States, but her list of friends is long, and I wasn’t always able to partake in her group invitations. Nevertheless, we easily picked up wherever we’d left off and caught up. What’s got Heidi’s attention now is tourism and photography. She renovated her place in Copenhagen allowing room for an AirBnB rental. Not surprisingly, she became a Superhost and was invited to provide AirBnB Experiences as well.

That morphed into her own business of offering tours to un-touristy places, the ones I crave seeing when visiting a foreign country. I want to know what the locals love. Her website had me salivating and planning a trip to Europe when that becomes possible again.

Of course, being the entrepreneurs we are, Heidi had some meaningful feedback for me regarding my free, downloadable 7 Evergreen Strategies for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs. “Too much scrolling!” she offered. I’ll sit with that for awhile and decide if I want to do a re-design or not. I appreciated her POV and desire to help me. That’s what we women business owners do.

Most recently for Heidi, that translated into her own web update to include the advice from another EWN colleague, Karen Spencer, who told Heidi, “You should have maps!” And now she does. 



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  1. Barbara Garelick

    Love this Jane, that you are reconnecting with the EWN group from decades ago. I saw Heidi and Jo recently for lunch when Heidi was in the states in November 2020. I follow her blog and agree that its due time to get to Copenhagen and beyond for a trip “off the beaten path” which is how my husband and I enjoy our travels, as seldom as that may be. Social media does make the world a smaller place, especially during Covid. Stay safe!

    • Jane Pollak

      @Barbara Yes! Heidi had mentioned that she’d seen you. Amazing how these friendships have lasted and supported each other for all these years. Thanks for your wonderful comment!


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