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Feb 22, 2021

Stop Waiting for Permission!

I gave a talk early this morning to a group of business owners. The feedback I got was so uplifting and motivating that I decided I need to bring my message to a larger audience.

“I should post videos of me sharing my experience, strength and hope to the masses – well, artists and creators, mainly,” I thought. Who should I ask if I can do that?

Do you ever come up with ideas like that? Then wait for the right moment, venue or circumstances to appear? I catch myself doing that all the time. Where’s the magic wand? The authority figure with the right answer? She’s inside of YOU! How about creating your own right moment, venue and circumstance TODAY? With all of the social media at our fingertips, your audience is waiting for the teacher, YOU, to arrive. It’s your turn.

I committed to this organization that I would post a video of myself this week and made myself accountable to them to achieve that goal by next Monday. Then I immediately went to my Instagram reel and videoed a message that just came out of me. Done! Fifteen seconds on an IG reel, and it’s on its way to the masses.

I posted a reel quickly on Saturday night that reached over 2500 people. Not sure why it spread 10x further than anything else I’ve done, but the event felt exciting and addictive. I want my name and my work out there, and IG is a means to that end. I’m a slow learner and not adept technically, but slow and steady win the race, right, Tortoise?

Plus, my belief is that taking actions in pursuit of our dreams and visions is what make the journey rewarding every step of the way.

I’d love to hear what action you’re going to take today–before anyone gives you permission.

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