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Mar 9, 2021

Gentle Coaching Circles

As this Year of Everything Different comes up to its first anniversary, I am offering a different coaching program.

“No one is looking for a boot camp these days,” one of my advisory board members reminded me. “We’re all looking for something gentle, supportive and compassionate.”

It’s sound advice, which I’m heeding.

Starting this Spring I have space for 12 women – two groups of six – who are looking at the opportunities vaccines and warm weather will afford us and are thinking about what they’d really like in their lives.

I rarely make offers via my blog, but am today. This will go out to my larger list later this week. My links to join aren’t live yet, so shoot me an email: jane@janepollak.com or give me a buzz – 203.829.6096 – if you’re interested or know someone who is.

I’m very pleased to introduce you to my new, unique 6-week program  called “Gentle Coaching Circles with Jane.”

You may have heard of “gentle and/or restorative yoga”. Gentle Coaching Circles with Jane is an equivalent opportunity for you to stretch your life muscles slowly, and with compassion, in a container of my guidance and expertise.

The opposite of a boot camp, Gentle Coaching Circles with Jane provides an opportunity to consider what’s next for you, to move at your own pace, and to be in the company of supportive women and an empowering master coach.

With the unprecedented challenges posed by Covid-19 and the glimmer of changes on the horizon, I’ve come up with a safe, tender and uplifting series of group meetings to assist you in articulating and moving toward your desires.

After registering, each participant will have a 20-minute coaching session with me to sort out what you’d like to focus on. This will be followed by 6 weekly (virtual) sessions where you’ll:

  • Take time to meditate and journal
  • Keep the focus on yourself and your desires
  • Hear positive, encouraging and uplifting reflections from your cohort
  • Listen to how others are approaching this unique time in our history
  • Share your wisdom (and hear your own wisdom spoken)
  • Make right-sized, bite-sized, incremental changes

Starting this spring you can choose to participate in a Monday afternoon OR Wednesday evening circle of women. While the offer is for six sessions, I am offering a bonus call on the 7th week in case you need to miss one along the way.

Mondays – 2 – 4:30pm  ET

  1. March 29
  2. April 5
  3. April 12
  4. April 19
  5. April 26
  6. May 3
  7. May 10 – BONUS SESSION


Wednesdays 6 – 8:30pm ET

  1. March 31
  2. April 7
  3. April 14
  4. April 21
  5. April 28
  6. May 5
  7. May 12 – BONUS SESSION


Your investment:  Early Bird $595.00

Deposit – $295

Payment Due April 1 – $300.00


After March 19 $695.00

Deposit – $395

Payment Due April 1 – $300.00


A recent client wrote about her coaching experience:

Jane helped me sift through my many ideas to focus on the bigger, more powerful ones that really tugged at my heart and helped me set aside the ones that gave me no real spark. Our time together allowed my first instinctual thoughts to come through and left no time to overthink or give any energy toward the less salient. 

 I came away feeling more confident with the direction I wanted to head into and which next steps to take. I also felt clear about additional areas I will work on in the near future.

 ~Mary Davis, Designer/Entrepreneur


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