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Mar 25, 2021

Old School and Proud of It

Visiting my grandsons in New Jersey last weekend, I was taken aback when Owen, the 7-year old, called something I’d done “so old school.”

Fortunately, my failing memory can’t come up with the exact moment he used the phrase, only that I was temporarily startled, particularly that such a young child would come up with that term. I knew he was mimicking another’s words, because the things we most enjoyed doing together were decidedly old school – like playing hide and seek. Far more fun than the “new-school” game of Don’t Step in the Llama Poop he introduced me to.

When it comes to marketing my art, I’m going 80/20 with the emphasis on old school. I’m adapting to Instagram as my preferred social medium for the high end pillows I’ve been designing. That’s the 20% effort. For the 80%, I’ve begun a snail mail campaign to high end interior designers. I recently sent out a postcard, hand-lettered, with a first class stamp showing my art.

How do I know if this is effective? One prospect, whose advice I’ve been seeking and taking, knew exactly who I was when I re-visited his shop on the Upper West Side. He had my mailing close-at-hand and caressed the pillow I’d brought along to show him. Arriving in person, bringing live samples and sending actual mail is so old school that it’s become singular, making it all the more memorable.

When I follow up with the interior design companies by phone, they remember the piece I’ve sent and give me positive feedback. My commitment is to keep sending out these missives, building my fan base and knowing that soon their need will coincide with my talent.


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