At the end of my shower this morning I was reminded of a small change I made in my routine years ago. I had complained to whomever, “Don’t you just hate it when you finish luxuriating in a warm shower, then rip open the curtain, step out, grab a towel and freeze?”

“What if, instead, you gently pushed the curtain back, reached for the towel you’d left nearby, bring it into the shower, and dry off while still standing in the steam?” they suggested.

What? Hunh?

I had NEVER considered there was EVER any other way to approach this routine. Wasn’t my way the way? Tiny as that change was, it was a signal to me that I had much to learn; to be open to the contributions of others. Not that I was close-minded. Judgmental would be more accurate. My righteousness was so deep that even a modest alteration in a daily activity resounded deeply in my soul. What if I don’t already know it all?

Last month a colleague – Scarlett, you know who you are! – shared a ‘trick’ she learned on her smartphone for moving the cursor within a text message. Have you ever noticed a misspelling or an incorrect auto-text within your words? I used to backspace several letters or words and re-type everything. Rather, you can hold down the space bar and move the cursor anywhere, make the correction and proceed. Teeny tiny, but essential and, well, life-altering.

I see two commonalities in these teeny-tiny quality of life changes:

  1. Allowing other people into our lives.
  2. Considering that what they have to say has value.

Small as these changes are, the shift in attitude to allow them is huge.


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