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May 29, 2021

Need to Learn Clubhouse? Meet Tollisha Joseph!

Tollisha Joseph – The Official Glue

I had the extraordinary privilege of connecting with Tollisha Joseph not once, but twice yesterday. There aren’t many Saturdays (the rain helps) where I’m moved to blog, but after an infusion of The Official Glue, Tollisha’s alias, I had to share!

I’d attended a few of the ‘rooms’ that Tollisha moderates on Clubhouse and heard her offer to connect privately. I DM’d her to set up a call, and we got to know each other a bit via google meets on Friday morning. During that conversation, I mentioned that I’d heard someone rave about how Tollisha helps newbies understand the Clubhouse platform better, and asked if she would she be available to provide me with her expertise.

“How’s this afternoon?” she volunteered. We met again for another hour after Tollisha created a private room for us on Clubhouse to navigate through.

Where are you in the Clubhouse realm? Never heard of it? Think it’s only the newest flavor of the month? I hope after reading this, you’ll try it out.

The main reason I’ve become an ardent user is that the people I’ve met there have been enormously helpful to me. It’s been awhile since I’ve attended an in-person networking event. Clubhouse makes it easy and rewarding to follow up with those in the room you’re attending. One woman, in a club I attended, offered a free half-hour consultation to help companies with their branding strategy. She and I met soon after, and she came to our meeting so thoroughly conversant in MY web presence that I hired her on the spot.

I’ll share just a few tips that Tollisha shared with me:

  • Be intentional. Follow the moderators that you enjoy and note who they follow, what clubs they’re in and how they operate on Clubhouse.
  • Curate your lists. Don’t follow everyone.
  • Your Instagram and Clubhouse bios should be similar or identical
  • Include a call to action in your bio.
  • Use emojis to help identify yourself and your interests.

If you think this has come easily to me, think again. As a Baby Boomer, the learning curve is steep. I have to overcome my fear of asking too many questions, getting it wrong and making mistakes. But, I’m doing it anyway and encourage you to come onboard.


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