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Jun 11, 2021

7 Reasons Why You Would Want Jane Pollak on Your Vendor List

When watching the HBO series Succession, I was struck by a pillow that rests opposite Logan, the billionaire patriarch of the family, as he sits on the couch. The sets for the show are opulent, and the detail of a particular textile and the character’s harmony with it, demonstrate the relationship of owner and aesthetics. When I enter a well-designed room I marvel at the complementary aspects of composition, light and color. Often, there is a detail that catches my eye–an accessory, or a pattern that is delightful to behold and which echoes the beauty of the entire space. As I began creating my collection of Penny Rug Pillows, I believed that interior designers would appreciate these objects’ ability to magnetize the eye and amplify the artistry of the room’s surroundings. Finding that exact accessory is a challenge. With me, you can custom-design pillows that offer that touch of beauty and fit perfectly into any environment.

Here are seven reasons why you would want me on your vendor list:

  1. Work with an acclaimed artist. I’ve been successfully creating and selling my art since the 1970’s when I first displayed my pieces at a craft fair in Stamford, Connecticut. That exhibit led me to partner with Bloomingdale’s for a special event.
  2. Your source for contemporary, original and one-of-a-kind art pieces – I’m currently creating one-of-a-kind designer throw pillows and wall hangings for the luxury interior design world.
  3. Steve Jobs collected my art. When my artwork appeared on the cover of the FLAX art & design catalog, I got a call from Steve Jobs who ordered two of my designs.
  4. Featured in The New York Times I taught my art students the craft of pysanky. After instructing them in the traditions of Ukrainian Easter egg-making, I told them to ‘go wild.’ They had such creative concepts — like blowing the hot wax onto the egg to create a pointillist effect – that I called The New York Times features editor and suggested she come to Connecticut to see what these kids were doing. She did!
  5. Author of a best-selling book on the craft. Decorating Eggs: Exquisite Designs with Wax & Dye goes beyond the basics of pysanky (Ukrainian Easter egg) making and introduced my art to a wider audience.
  6. Featured on the Today Show In the mid-90’s, I was booked for a Good Friday appearance shortly after publication.
  7. Recognized entrepreneur and author My second book, Soul Proprietor: 101 Lessons from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur led me to another appearance on the Today Show as well as speaking engagements internationally.

Each pillow and wall hanging I create is filled with my passion for the materials and design. You will have a partner who also wishes to thrill your customer and finds joy in every part of the process. Your customer wants the perfect, unique accessory. My one-of-a-kind art fulfills their desire.

Learn more about me and my art on my design website or call me at 203.829.6096 to get onto my production schedule for 2021. I would love to work with you.





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  1. Barbara Hogan

    Brava!! You described the ‘value added’ of the perfect accessory concisely and accurately! I always learn from your fascinating posts, Jane. ??


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