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Jun 21, 2021

Self-Promotion Makes Me Want to…

How did you fill in the blank? Sing and dance? Run and hide? My gut response, appropriately, is puke.

I didn’t want that word choice in the headline, but believed that you’d click to find out more. I’m learning how to write catchy subject lines, so thank you for verifying that it worked.

Next to networking and research, the greatest number of actions I’ve taken to move Jane Pollak Designs forward fall under the heading of promotion. I love to see articles written about (vs. BY) me and my work, but I detest being seen as someone who might be bragging.

I’ll never forget a conversation with a gifted artist whose parents’ mantra was “SPS” – Self Praise Stinks. My family had an opposite view. We would clamor to the top of the Dow Joy Averages by bragging about a grade or an accolade that had come our way. I learned how to present my (perceived) value in order it to get my parents’ attention, but hated every moment of the process.

Here are some of the actions I’ve taken in the realm of self-promotion that felt safer than my previous post which was an outright declaration of my value.

  1. I began posting regularly on Instagram. Getting hearts and comments was reinforcing. Watching the number of those following me escalate became addictive. If you’re a visual artist, I highly encourage becoming a regular, aka daily, poster.
  2. Mailed 30+ introductory one-sheets to let other creatives know what I was up to with my new textile business.
  3. Sent a follow-up package in a sturdy hand-addressed envelope with real first class stamps on it – to ensure high open rate
  4. Third mailing of an oversized postcard to top designers in NY and California
  5. Blogged about my new passion (many others this past year in addition)
  6. Created a spreadsheet of contacts to track mailings
  7. Happily agreed to be interviewed by an industry magazine
  8. Appeared on IGTV with @trimqueen
  9. Sent a sample pillow (unsolicited) to a designer
  10. Had new headshots taken
  11. Ordered new business cards
  12. Created a website exclusively for my art
  13. Formulated an A-list of top designers to market to
  14. Hired a writer for a press release
  15. Created a press list targeting the home decor industry
  16. Began creating reels on Instagram
  17. Wrote article for Lustre.net about pivoting during the pandemic

What you’re noticing is the behavior: feel the fear (disgust, hatred, indifference) and do it anyway. Right now, I don’t see the rewards flowing towards me that are the reinforcement for all these actions. But, I’ve been around long enough to know that I’m doing the right things. One or more of these will get out there. My job is to keep taking these actions and let go of the results. Besides, it keeps me completely engaged in my life, fear and all.

My mission is to inspire others, particularly women, to no longer apologize for who they are, their appetites and their desire to express themselves. These posts are bricks in the foundation of your trust.

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