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Dec 10, 2021

I Knew Something Great Would Happen

I arrived at the D&D Building in NYC this afternoon armed with a large tote bag filled with pillows not knowing exactly how this adventure would go.

I had committed to take images of my handmade designs in decorative settings and thought the D&D Building would be the right place to launch this program. I had one lead there, a sales rep at Lee Jofa, so I started with that showroom.

I wandered around there first sussing out potential backdrops for my mission. I could feel my pulse quickening as I considered the possibility of unwrapping my designs and placing them on various sofas and armchairs. A woman approached me. I asked her if she knew the referral whose name I had as an introductory gambit.

“She doesn’t work here any longer,” she told me.

“I have this crazy idea,” I went on regardless, “to take photos of my artwork in various settings and post them on Instagram in a Pillows in the Wild series. I love the furniture in this showroom and wonder if I might take pictures and tag Lee Jofa on IG.”

“Are they made with our fabrics?” she inquired. “Since what we sell are fabrics, they would have to feature ours in order for this to make sense.”

They are not made with their fabrics, and I had no idea what this place sold. Lesson learned. Next…

“Thank you for letting me know that. Might you suggest another showroom that would be more appropriate?”

She didn’t mention any by name, so I decided to try a famous name brand on another floor and see what their response would be.

On my way there (turns out they’ve gone out of business) I passed a large display area with contemporary, clean and elegant furnishings, both indoor and outdoor. Knowing what I had in my bag, the backgrounds here would be perfect for my designs. I approached a woman at a desk and began my spiel. Another woman seated 50′ away said, “I can help you.”

She appeared warm and welcoming, and before I gave her my pitch, I mentioned that my daughter had a very similar engagement ring to hers. I liked her immediately and felt a connection, which is always helpful.

“You don’t have to tag us*,” she advised. “Our company has very specific social media guidelines, but if you want to use our pieces as backgrounds, go ahead. I’d love to see your pillows.”

I showed her what I’d brought, then took these images which I’ll be sharing on IG and Facebook over the next few weeks. I love the way my work serves as an accent to these neutral backgrounds.

I asked the young woman if she had a card. When I saw her name, I asked, “Are you by any chance related to Nancy?” I know a woman by that somewhat uncommon last name.

“She’s my mother.”

What are the chances? Her mother and I have been colleagues for several decades. I’m a great admirer of her work, and she frequently comments on my social media posts. We continued talking for another 20 minutes about all the commonalities we shared. It was fulfilling, both artistically and spiritually.

I do believe the Universe looks out for us. My job (and yours) is to go forward with the deep intuitions and brainstorms that occur to you and allow magic to happen as it did for me today.

*I’m not mentioning names here to keep her anonymity and company policy secure.


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  1. Ran Tryggvadottir

    Great story and fantastic artwork

    • Jane Pollak

      @Ran Thank you! I’m still reeling from the coincidences.

  2. Katie Settel

    I loved all of this Jane, thank you for sharing the story and your wonderful process.

    • Jane Pollak

      @Katie I’m quite sure you see the evidence of HP in this story. Love sharing it with you.

  3. Tracy Palermini

    Thanks for sharing the back story for these photos. I really admire how you are building your new business,

    • Jane Pollak

      @Tracy It’s been wonderful getting to know each other and each other’s work via IG. Thank you for your kind words.


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