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Jul 6, 2022

My 8th and Final Website (she says…)

My first website ever, created with my good friend Kathy Leeds, was done in 1999. She insisted I needed a web presence (what’s a web?) and coded the entire thing herself. As websites took over our lives, I’ve hired a variety of pros to update and re-design me. I even took a stab at it myself a year ago to promote the short-lived JanePollakDesigns.com.

When my current branding team gave me the compliment, “That’s nice, for an Etsy site,” I knew I had to step all the way up and hired them to guide the process.

I am beyond delighted to launch my new website: https://janepollak.com.

I’ve put my heart and soul (and pocketbook) into every aspect of the design and content. New logo, new photography, web presence, backend development. I could not be more pleased.

I searched the Wayback Machine (it’s really called that) to see which iteration of my business this represents. As you read in the title, it’s my eighth.

Each time I’ve thought, This is it! But, in true entrepreneurial spirit, I have once again recreated myself and am letting you know it.

While my art is of extreme importance to me, I will always want to share my expertise with those wanting to manifest their visions. Do check it all out and let me know your thoughts. I look forward to communicating with you more often now that this makes me official.

See if you remember any of these…


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  1. Terry Scarborough

    You got a great new website for your birthday!! Congrats and Happy Birthday!

    • Jane Pollak

      @Terry Thank you! I know what an exceptional eye you have, so doubly appreciate your feedback (and good wishes). xo


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