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Nov 1, 2022

We Creatives ALL Wear Two Hats

This past month has been devoted to BTS efforts as I prepare to approach the media with my rebranding.

BTS – an acronym for Behind the Scenes – reveal what’s beneath the surface, like icebergs, or inside the perfect-looking toe shoes of the Bolshoi ballerinas. In my case, it’s unruly piles, uncertainty, and hours of toil. This included planning for a photo shoot, prepping for a podcast and a webinar, reaching out to the founder of a textile publication, and continuing to produce my art.

I continuously wear two hats, one as the artist and one as the entrepreneur/CEO of my art business. Every creative dons deux chapeaux, and the sooner you become aware of that, the happier you’ll be. The fantasy is to be just The Artist, but the reality is, unless you’ve graduated to atelier status, you’ll be not only the creator, but also the Director of Sales and Marketing, not to mention Accounting.

Delegating is an essential tool for the self-employed. Taking my own advice, I hired two wonderful folks to help me photograph my pillows and wall hangings with light and clarity – a professional photographer and my art assistant who happens to live in my building. Here are some images of that experience.


More of the time, however, it looks like this:


A large part of business ownership is getting the word out. I had the good fortune to appear, not only on Lesley Jane Seymour’s Re-Invent Yourself podcast (episode #178, Reinventing Your Creativity as a Luxury Business), but also on her webinar offerings to her Covey Club. You can watch Your Reinvention Refresh using this link.

Christina Frei also interviewed me in depth for her Lonely Edges podcast. Podcasts are an intimate way to encounter luminaries, role models and inspirers. I was honored to be included in Christina’s line-up.



I’m constantly switching roles, like writing this newsletter, which can be a challenge for new entrepreneurs. Watch the video linked above to get some hints for how to do this effectively.

What I’m Working On
Saana Baker is the founder and publisher of The Textile Eye, a high end journal focused on world trends for designers. A colleague connected me to Saana, and we had a terrific Zoom conversation the week after her trip to Burning Man and mine to Whidbey Island (see last month’s newsletter). We were both wildly inspired and shared those enthusiasms. I immediately subscribed to the online edition of TTE and was moved to creation by an article on India.
My process is to select the wools from my stock, scan the colors, play with a variety of designs, then begin cutting and sewing the pillow top or wall hanging.


Each pillow takes 2-3 weeks to create from inspiration to completed art. Some pieces are framed and others go to the seamstress for backings and zippers.

Though I’m a one-woman shop, BTS, the artist is supported by me in other roles as well as a stable of talent I call on as needed. It, indeed, takes a village.

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