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Aug 6, 2023

Go! You Might Meet Somebody!

It was the 1990’s at the Flaming Festival, a craft show in New Canaan, CT. I was exhibiting my decorated eggs and eggshell jewelry, when a woman entered my booth and spent more time examining the backs of the jewelry pieces than the elaborately decorated front sides.

I was confused.

“What is this?” she inquired, pointing to the shiny black substance.

“It’s epoxy. I use it to fill the concave area of the eggshell to give it stability.” It was the step in my jewelry-making process I liked least. It was messy and involved precisely proportioned measurements of a resin and a hardener.

She introduced herself then and told me that her family-owned business packaged epoxy in pre-weighed amounts that could ease my time spent on that operation by 50%. Once I understood how it could help my productivity, I was ecstatic to find out more about her services.

She loved my work. It was a match! We bartered my art in exchange for her company’s epoxy-packaging services until I closed my business.

The 48th Lesson from my second book, Soul Proprietor, offered this Go! advice. Every event you attend holds the promise of an exciting unknown.

In preparation for “Go”-ing, I prepare a networking kit: my business cards, the issue of Where Women Create Magazine that features my work (Spring ’23), and a few IRL samples of my felted wool pillows and wall hangings. My textiles, experienced in person, are more sumptuous and tactile than the photos.

This May, 2023, I attended the Luxury Home Design Summit in Chatham, MA on the Cape. I looked forward to the mystery and promise that awaited me there. It happened on Day 2 of that event.

In her introductory remarks, Karin Lidbeck mentioned that her first job was at Woman’s Day Magazine. I got an intuitive hit – speeded up heart pumping, body tingles – that she might know a dear friend of mine, the former Craft Editor, Terry Capuana.

I sought out Karin during the break to ask if their paths had intersected.

“She was my first boss!” she exclaimed.

It was easy from there. Karin inquired why I was attending the conference. Presented with my kit items, she remarked, “I’d love to use your pillows in a shoot!”

Her LinkedIn profile describes her as a Stylist, Designer, Editor and DIY expert with an extensive background in styling and editorial work in the home publishing and the catalog Industry. Exactly who I hoped to meet!

Last week Karin included one of my pillows in an interior photo for Country Home Magazine, due out summer of ’24. She gave me permission to share her iPhone image with my audience. She assured me that the professional shot was better lit, but I was delighted with hers and am thrilled to have you be the first to see a portion of her magnificent styling.

Lesson #48 boiled down step-by-step looks like this:

  1. Be prepared – bring whatever it takes to inform your prospect.
  2. Go!
  3. Notice when your intuition lights up.
  4. Seize the moment.
  5. Follow up, follow up, follow up.

I hope this encourages you to get Go-ing! and experience the magic and mystery of showing up. Please, let me know how it goes.

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