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Art and Shame

As I'm stitching circles onto my recently commissioned art piece, my mind goes off in myriad directions, mostly unpleasant. I begin second-guessing each color decision I've made. Is the arrangement of light and dark attractive? Does the orange make it pop or create a...

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Listening, Learning & Stitching

The most important role I can play in life these days is listener and learner. I've downloaded lists of publications, podcasts, videos and Facebook live talks relating to Black Lives Matter to help me become a better ally. I'm fortunate to have time between clients...

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She’s Ruthless, and That’s a Good Thing

Have you ever hired a professional organizer? I started working with specialists in this new-ish industry over 20 years ago and found it life-altering. These women--there are some male organizers, but I've worked only with women to date--have a way of knowing how to...

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Want to Be Memorable? Be Specific.

Lynn Shelton, Marc Maron's late girlfriend, was a beloved film director. Members of her cinematic community paid tribute to her recent death with an hour-plus long video. Watching it was a bittersweet experience since we no longer have her creative energy producing...

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A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to a New Webpage

First the exciting news! I've just added "Artist" to my website: janepollak.com/artist. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Your comments are invaluable. I created a powerpoint doc as a first pass (I shared it last week) and offered the assignment to...

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Thank You, PowerPoint

My Visions Group is expecting to see an Artist page mock-up for my website next Wednesday. They're expecting it because I committed to designing one as a goal for our meeting that morning. Right now my site gives information on me as a Coach, Speaker and Author. But,...

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10 Ways to Know if Your Passion is Your Passion

I've been so enamored of my newfound art - penny rugs - that I felt compelled to list what's making me so happy. In doing so, I realized that this applies to YOUR passion as well. Take the test, and let me know how you do. You can't wait to get to work on your...

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