My Word for 2020

I've enjoyed taking note of my friends' and colleagues' well-considered Word of the Year in the past, but had never participated. Hearing their successes and how having a specially selected unit of language impacted them throughout 365 days motivated me to consider my...

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Closing Thought for The Decade

I shared a list of my accomplishments with my action partner this morning, and her feedback was, "I love how you have built so much support for yourself." She reiterated the helpers I'd named--a copy writer, therapist, colleagues and fellows, doctors, etc. -  and...

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Take an Action, Take a Nap

When I was working on my memoir a few years ago, I went on two separate self-designed retreats where I rented an AirBnB for a week or two, holed up with my manuscript, and spent each day focusing on the task at hand. I spread out the pages of each chapter, re-read...

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Beautiful Quote by Amaryllis Fox

I just finished reading Life Undercover by Amaryllis Fox, a former CIA operative's story of her life. She worked in a profession as wildly different from mine than anyone I know, yet her riveting story is filled with beautiful writing and wisdom. After living a life...

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Do You Suffer From This?

I promise, this is not a humble brag or a disguised way of having you compliment me (but go ahead if you must). I seriously don't quite get this malady, but I'm clear I have it. On my Visions Group call every two weeks we each (there are three of us) have 8 minutes to...

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Are You a Woman of Value?

I can see my male readers* shaking their heads at the title of this post but, Women, this one's for you! Sandy Weiner's brand is all about women who value themselves, and that's the primary component of this interview. What do I think are the characteristics of a...

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What Makes You Tingle?

I'm just back home after leading two women's retreats in Massachusetts, one in the Berkshires, the other on the Cape. Both were filled with extraordinary women who carved out time in their lives to focus on themselves for a few days. How often do YOU take time just...

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