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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

My birthday is sacred to me and also happens to be a national holiday – the Fourth of July.  I’d planned a trip to California to be with family on The Day. My brother generously invited me to celebrate at a neighborhood restaurant near him. Perfect! I would party with...

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Self-Promotion Makes Me Want to…

How did you fill in the blank? Sing and dance? Run and hide? My gut response, appropriately, is puke. I didn't want that word choice in the headline, but believed that you'd click to find out more. I'm learning how to write catchy subject lines, so thank you for...

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Need to Learn Clubhouse? Meet Tollisha Joseph!

I had the extraordinary privilege of connecting with Tollisha Joseph not once, but twice yesterday. There aren't many Saturdays (the rain helps) where I'm moved to blog, but after an infusion of The Official Glue, Tollisha's alias, I had to share! I'd attended a few...

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The Magical Art of Networking

Of the over 100 actions I've taken to build my new business this past year, eleven of them revolved around networking. When you see the word networking, does it conjure up name tags, handshakes and fake smiles? I used to think that way, but it has become a favorite...

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Did You Know It’s Star Wars Day?

I participate in Caveday.org, an online study group, that starts off each 'cave' with a theme. Today's was a celebration of Star Wars. I drew a blank until the leader said, "It's May 4th, Star Wars Day. 'May the fourth be with you.'" Having seen one of the trillions...

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Fluke or Traction?

Do you ever have trouble discerning whether you've just received a lucky break or that all of your hard work is amounting to this stroke of kismet? A friend of mine used the expression, "The harder I work, the luckier I get," which answers that question for me. Yes,...

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Teeny-Tiny Quality of Life Changes

At the end of my shower this morning I was reminded of a small change I made in my routine years ago. I had complained to whomever, "Don't you just hate it when you finish luxuriating in a warm shower, then rip open the curtain, step out, grab a towel and freeze?"...

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