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When Are You All In?

How often will you do and do, yet remain unaware of how much you've accomplished? I'm fortunate to have another human being listen to me account for my actions twice a week. I prepare for our calls by adding to my ongoing list of Actions before we speak. But it's her...

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Too Quick to Judge

Before I begin, simply writing the word 'judge' brought a lump to my throat since the recent death of a woman I admired greatly, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It is an enormous loss, and I mourn her passing. When my fabulous wardrobe stylist, Scarlett...

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Who Gets New Head Shots During a Pandemic?

Me! I had a photo shoot with the remarkable Katie Settel this week. I had author shots taken a year ago, but wanted to update my website, social media and marketing offers with a fresh look. The past collection was no longer speaking to me, plus I've added 'artist' to...

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Have You Been Pigeonholed?

I used to like to compare myself to Paul Newman. (Have you stopped giggling?) He came into my life first as an actor. Then a race car driver. Then a salad dressing maker. I didn't think less of him as an actor when he started Newman's Own. I thought, "Wow! He's...

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Have You Even Tried?

I hear that message in my head when I reject something out of hand. Like Instagram. Too many hashtags and paper airplane thingy's. I want to reject it (before it rejects me). That voice--"Have you even tried?"-- comes from a wonderful anecdote I heard Susan Daniels...

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What If Only 1 Person Signs Up for Your Offer?

As the mother of high school kids (back in the day), I sat at a roundtable of parents where everyone bragged that their kid never slept through the night when they were babies. However, back in the day, when I was the mother of a that toddler, no one admitted that...

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Minor, But Major

We've often heard "it's the little things" --those nearly unnoticeable annoyances or conveniences, kindnesses or slights--that shift our perceptions. My action partner picked up  my variation on that today during our check-in call. "You said 'minor, but major' a few...

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How Do I Grow Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, I asked myself,  what do I want from my newly acquired art form? It's the essential coaching question: what do you really want? But, like the infamous shoemaker, I rarely ask it of myself. Do I want to turn this growing...

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It Could Always Be Worse

There's a Jewish folk tale that's worth a read these days. The basic premise is that a man, unhappy at home with his wife, goes to his rabbi for advice. He's told by that wise man to bring his cow, goat and chickens inside their house to live with them. Of course,...

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