When Is It Work?

I’m often confused by the question, “How many hours a week do you work?” What catches me up short is the fine line between what feels like work-writing a blog post–and what can fairly be labeled as work but is actually fun. Not that writing this entry isn’t

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Doreen Birdsell – Author, Speaker, Friend

I got the loveliest call today from Doreen telling me she spoke about me at her Toastmasters meeting last night. She even sent me a link to her 3 minute (to the second!) testimonial which made my day. I’d been having tech issues – my computer video camera

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When to Treat…Yourself

I’ll never fly Cheapo Airlines again. I must not’ve read the fine print on my printed reservation to Miami Beach which clearly states: Basic Economy is the most economical fare class.  This is a great way to save money if your travel plans aren’t going to change, you

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Marianne Williamson + 100 more Fabulous Women

The Women on Fire (WOF) 2017 retreat just ended, and I am full. I came to Miami Beach on October 5th, actually arriving at 2am on the 6th, to participate in the 7th annual iteration of this event. My participation was based on the recommendation of my good

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What’s Taking So Long?

I know there are classes you can take to pump out your book in a week, a fortnight, or “6-weeks to writing your bestseller.” I had all that optimism when I enrolled in Ann Randolph’s Take Your Story to the Stage in June, 2014 at Kripalu. Three-plus years

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