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What They’re Saying About Me

In the 10 minutes before my Mastermind Group session started a few weeks ago, my clients were chatting among themselves. The conversation was about me and what happens when others ask them about "working with Jane". I was all ears. There was a lot of energy in the...

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How To Get Confidence

"When I have enough confidence, I'll ________________________." You fill in the blank. Part of coaching is finding out what's in the blank. If you had the confidence, what would you do? What call would you make? Whose door would you knock on? Answering these questions...

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Manage Your Feedback

A funny thing happens in my business. Every so often a client who left a session totally energized, on fire to reach her goals and thriving in her newfound commitment to her own success, will approach me a week or two later a bit downtrodden. "My husband thinks that...

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Coaching the Client’s Whole Life

One of the cornerstones of Co-Active Coaching, what I'm certified in, is addressing the client's whole life--not just the business aspects. If I sense interference from a client's partner, family member or other outside force I acknowledge it and bring it to the...

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Inspired by a client

I've been working with a new client for less than two months. In her Discovery Session we determined that her dream--her Big A agenda--is to unleash her creativity. Given her corporate job in the financial sector, you can see the stretch that could entail. The more...

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An Offer to my Blog Readers Only!

When I began my coaching certification a few years ago and was trying out new skills, I didn't want to practice on existing clients. They had different expectations for what our sessions would be like. Instead, I offered several colleagues a greatly reduced price to...

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Avid Learners

Tuesday night I spoke at the New York Library of Science, Industry and Business relating the lessons I've learned as an entrepreneur. A full house showed up, mostly men and women under 40, many in their 20's and 30's--not my usual crowd. I had everyone introduce...

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How’m I doing?

Remember New York's Mayor Ed Koch's mantra: "How'm I doing?" It's what kept him in touch with the pulse of New Yorkers and his impact on the city. Feedback is critical in everyone's business. Since I just got an email from a friend and colleague asking me that...

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The Promise of Insider Secrets

I was thumbing through a copy of Big Money Speaker magazine: The Ultimate Financial Freedom Guide for Speakers as I sipped my morning potion. I'm fascinated by how they market. The pages were filled with quotes like: "It's worth more than anything you will ever pay...

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