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Faith Middleton on Behalf of WBDC

Last night I attended another outstanding WBDC event in Stamford featuring Faith Middleton who has become an ardent supporter of their mission to help women entrepreneurs. Her talk focused on WBDC's success stories--women who had started and are thriving in business...

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More on the MORE Conference

I met several impressive women attending the MORE Magazine Re-Invention Convention last week. I often evaluate the quality of an event not as much by the speakers, but more by who else is in the audience. Last Monday's event surpassed my expectations. The women I will...

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Old Mrs. Young

Every few days I stop by my neighbor's house to drop off my recyclables. Mrs. Young collects cans and bottles from everywhere, does the returns and donates the money to charity. For years and years (and years) she's been giving back to our community, including being...

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Another Miracle Along the Way

Diane Lohman, owner of Seed, is a member of one of my current Mastermind Groups. Her goal for January is to gross a specific dollar amount, to the penny, per month through her own contributions. Diane is a jewelry designer and has pieces available in several shops in...

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Wisdom from Carly Fiorina

At the MORE magazine Re-Invention Convention I attended on Monday, I heard Carly Fiorina interivewed by the Wall Street Journal's Laura Landro. Politics aside, there were some key points she made that had me taking notes. CF: "If someone can't explain something to me,...

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Wants and Needs

I have everything I need and want in my life--family, home, community, stuff. I'm content. Until, that is,  I receive the latest Neiman Marcus catalog or go to a networking event and talk to someone who is "ahead" of me in business. Then the gremlins come out and tell...

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Chunk it down!

A recent attendee at my goal-setting and strategies workshops sent me an email asking for help. She'd created a comprehensive list of her projects and wasn't sure where to go from there. Reading through it I completely understood why she had difficulty getting out of...

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Understanding (why) is the Booby Prize

My brand new program, An Invitation to Get Real, is this Saturday. My co-presenter, Brad Isaacs, is flying in from CA on Friday, and I can't wait. We've been working on this for months. We've got a roomful of participants (there are still a few places, if you're...

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Something’s Gotta Give

I attended a great talk on social networking a few weeks back given by Peter Shankman. The big question on the minds of most in the audience was, “When am I supposed to do this?” Everyone’s days are already filled to the brim. How do you make time for something when...

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