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Denyse Schmidt

I've been a fan of Denyse Schmidt's quilts, artistry and community commitment since I met her many years ago. I was sent by the WBDC (Women's Business Development Center--then AWED--American Women's Economic Development Corp.) to serve as a mentor. Within 20 minutes...

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Do You Want to Do This, Too?

I was walking at Compo Beach (Westport) with a new friend who recently left her place of work. She was cataloging her job search activities--informational interviews, lunches with colleagues, etc. "But what I would really like is to spend two weeks on the beach," she...

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Wish I’d Written This

My blog expert/teacher/friend Lena West sent me a link that I wanted to share with you: The Business Traits of Successful Artist Entrepreneurs It's written by Steve King (not Stephen King, btw) and enumerates what it takes to be successful today, as an entrepreneur...

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How Much Technology to Let In

My father didn't curse often, but he inevitably would when the phone rang during supper. This was the 50's and 60's--before answering machines, voice mail or even off buttons for the ringers. He hated that anyone from the outside world could disturb our family's...

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I Want You Nervous

I recently gave a 20-minute sneak preview of my Create Your Own Future program. Wainwright House (a Welcome Home for Mind, Body and Spirit) had an all-day festive indoor/outdoor open house to introduce people to their wide array of offerings. They invited me to share...

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Attention to Detail

I spent 30 years creating intricate artwork and successfully marketing and selling it. My attention to detail was pretty intense, but I was humbled by what I witnessed during my recent stay at the Golden Door. I found their devotion to the customer's experience...

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What Gremlins?

I posted Monday's entry (8/25) from the San Diego airport while waiting for my return flight to JFK. The draft, written a week or two earlier, was ready to go. Until I left for my Golden Door retreat, it accurately reflected my mid-August doldrums. It was amusing to...

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My Gremlins Are Partying

Lest you think that every day in this entrepreneur's life is bliss-filled and stress free, let me set the record straight. In the dog days of summer I have days that would drive many to drink, shop, abandon ship or nap. My phone stops ringing. A big prospect I'm...

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Do’s and Don’ts of Pitching a Prospect

I met a businesswoman for coffee recently so that she could tell me about her company. I noticed myself turning off fairly soon into the conversation. Here's a short list of things that contributed to the disconnect. I offer them in the hopes that you and I will never...

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